Did you know that dogs can’t resist Beetroot - and that it helps their immune system, especially puppies?
What about Turmeric, did you know, just like humans it can help older dogs with their arthritis and maintain their memory?

Welcome to Dogeatz, where a teaspoon of our toppers on their kibble or raw food makes every meal more delicious and more nutritious.


Grain free. preservative free. No nasties
australian invented & made.


Old timers turmeric


Nosy puppy Immune boost


“Our dog’s a fussy eater, but one tablespoon of Dogeatz Toppers on her kibble and she laps it up. It’s amazing to think that’s it’s good for her too!”


Where to buy?

Ready to give your dog a nutritious boost to their bland old meals? Find us in a pet store near you or order online today and we’ll ship direct!


what do our customers have to say?

It’s so simple and easy to use and both our dogs love it! Not a bag of dogfood gets wasted now :)

- Kristen


After Surgery, Rocket wasn’t interested in eating. We found Dogeatz at the markets and gave it a go. Now he has it on every meal and he’s back to his normal crazy self!

- Chris


It’s great to be able to add something else to our pups meals! It just looks so boring without the topper now! Smells Devine, And it doesn’t taste too bad! XD I must admit my husband and I just had to try!!! lol.

- Emma


Sophie is normally super fussy but she just gobbles down the topper and anything it’s attached to. We couldn’t believe it, it’s become a staple in our household now.

- Arisa


Anything natural in the dog world gets a big tick from me! With all the scares from pet food out there lately it’s great to find something local that can be trusted!



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